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Family Business

Both me and my dad got into journalism around the same age in our respective lives, and started in the same way. We both wrote for small newspapers and garnered clips early in our careers to project ourselves to some of the biggest markets in the country. For him it was Los Angeles, and for me San Francisco.

I always loved hearing my dad’s stories about being out in the field, feeling the things he felt as a young reporter, hungry to tell the truth. I thought one day, that maybe other people, whether they be journalists, true crime fanatics, or just people trying to get through the day, would like to hear them too.

That’s when I convinced him to sit down in front of a microphone and talk to me, as his daughter, his friend, and his fellow journalist, about all the tough realities of reporting, and how to tell an incredible story.

It just so happens that my dad was there for all the big stuff, the Menendez Brothers Murders, the Michael Jackson molestation accusations, The Rainbow Man Hostage Crisis, The Oakland Hills Fire and even the OJ Simpson trial.

He’s a legend, multi-Emmy Award winner, several-time reporter of the year, and he still has stories to tell.

I’m just starting my career, but know that I was destined to be a writer, a storyteller like my dad.

So, this podcast is a labor of love, a family business hellbent on telling it like it is, having some fun, and strengthening the relationship between a dad and a kid.

So, we hope you have a great time listening.