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I went to cover a seemingly mindless event surrounding Kylie Jenner visiting San Francisco, and found a movement of makeup and teenagers that made me stop and think about celebrity, commerce, and how a great lipstick can change lives.
I spent a day and half a night in one of the wildest, most haunted places in the world and wrote an interactive tour experience so readers from all over could get ghoulish while scrolling through.

This was one of the most exhilirating moments of my journalism career. I whipped my iPhone out and caught a viral clip of the NBA's most talented player walking out of the Game 1 press conference after being irritated by repeated questions about his teammate JR Smith.

I immediately started typing on my iPhone after tweeting the now viral video out, and crafted a quick article on the crazy moment. 

Later, the tweet got thousands of retweets, comments, and was picked up by Bleacher Report, ESPN, and several other news outlets around the country.
One of the first first-person pieces to be published on, this is a meta tale of leaving the newsroom in search of midnight baseball.

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