Digital study on birds, and attempting to capture their personalities with a simple sketch and strategically placed color. Available for purchase, any size print requested.
"THE RAVEN" Minimalist digital artwork featuring sparse splatter work, marker, pencil, sketch techniques and negative space.
"THE PENGUIN" The third in the series, more focus on line and structure than the others.​
"THE HERON" The second in the series and arguably the one with the most personality.

"American Psycho"

India ink, acryllic ink laid over a watercolor splash with metallic and graphic elements. Pricing: [email protected]

"Old Business"

"Private Eye"

Watercolor masking with graphic and splatter elements. Pricing: [email protected]
Made with acryllic ink, stiff brushes and india ink.

Ink and graphics​ 

I love experimenting with different styles of art, whether they are influenced by the abstract intellect of Picasso or the distinct surrealism of Magritte. My biggest influence, however; is Ralph Steadman (which can be seen in a lot of the splatter elements that I incorporate into my work. 

Though not a classically trained artist, I have found that my love for art in all forms, whether it be music, writing, or painting extends through different mediums. I hope you enjoy the work.

If you would like a commissioned piece, or to purchase the above works or a replica, please direct inquiries to: 
[email protected]